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Our home contractors created this great new, bright and airy kitchen adorned with sleek countertops, modern appliances, ample storage and a cozy breakfast island.
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New siding adds renewed appeal to older homes. Today's siding mimics rich, natural grains, is extremely durable and resistant to decay and is also full of charm and style.
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Our home improvement contractors designed and built this perfect corner kitchen area, adorned with new windows, a small table, new fixtures and a great view of the outdoors.
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Our luxurious bathroom renovations can feature glass enclosures, multiple showerheads, customizable temperature controls, soothing water pressure, full seating and stylish tile patterns.
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Our interior design contractor created this sleek new staircase with exquisite craftsmanship, durable materials, elegant handrails and steps that make a grand architectural statement.
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Our deck builder created this beautiful new backyard deck that's perfect for outdoor gatherings with more than ample seating and room for new views and a mood-changing atmosphere.
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We’ve earned our reputation as a high-quality home contractor by honoring our commitments, being on time and producing superior results – all within budget. If a home renovation company’s reputation is based upon satisfied customers – then our repeat construction service customers are a testament to the strength of that reputation.

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Baumann House (Before)
Constructed in 1812, the Baumann House is a testament to classic craftsmanship. Every element of this structure, from the framing to the connections, relies on post and beam construction, featuring intricate mortise and tenon joints without a single nail. Our client envisioned a modern kitchen with expansive windows, providing breathtaking views of their picturesque property.
Baumann House Renovation
We came to this project with the house already in a 'post and beam condition'. Our team executed the owner's vision flawlessly, removing a large pantry, reinforcing the floor, and introducing a spacious island. Throughout the project, we discovered extensive rot, leading us to reframe an entire corner of the house, from the sill plate to the second-floor top plate. Despite this unforeseen challenge, we kept the project on schedule, and the client received the kitchen of their dreams. This renovation highlights the importance of experience in tackling unexpected issues, ensuring minimal impact on both schedule and budget. Energy Wise is uniquely qualified for intricate projects like this which require care, experience and attention to detail.
Cliff Way House (Before)
A charming beach bungalow from the 1930s, Cliff Way House, previously perched on the bluff, was relocated to a new foundation across the street. Our comprehensive renovation breathed new life into this quaint abode. The original kitchen lacked functionality, and the bathroom lacked a shower, which was situated outdoors. Additionally, there was no laundry room.
Cliff Way House Transformation
We addressed these shortcomings by adding a modern kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and a much-needed laundry room. The outdated windows gave way to energy-efficient Andersen replacements, while the weathered siding was replaced with fresh cedar shakes. Inside, we overhauled the electrical system, plumbing, and insulation, followed by drywall and a fresh coat of paint. The result is a transformed space with a new kitchen, stylish tile, and updated bathrooms.
Division Avenue House (Before)
Built in the late 1940s, this Division Avenue house underwent a remarkable transformation. We upgraded all the windows to Andersen 400 series, maintaining the charm of the original trim inside and out.
Division Avenue House Update
A newly renovated kitchen and an updated upstairs bathroom added modern convenience to this classic home. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we installed stunning 8" oak flooring throughout the entire house. The finishing touch involved a complete repaint, breathing new life into this charming abode.
Gully House (Before)
Built in the 1960s, the Gully House exuded a distinctive retro charm that the homeowners cherished. The challenge was to modernize the sole bathroom while preserving its classic appeal.
Gully House - Retro Revival
With a family of three kids relying on this primary bathroom, delays were not an option. We dismantled the bathroom down to the studs, addressing decades of neglect by repairing floor joists and subfloor. In just 15 days, we transformed this space, blending classic charm with modern functionality. Our meticulous daily cleanup ensured it looked like we were never there.
Islip House (Before)
Islip House, a 1970s structure, suffered from a compartmentalized layout typical of its era. Our mission was to create a more open and inviting space within the constraints of the budget. We accomplished this by removing walls, installing new floors, and enhancing the overall flow of the home.
Islip House - Open Concept Renovation
This renovation also included a modern kitchen, a master bathroom, and a practical mudroom. The floors were finished with an elegant dark stain, and the entire interior received a fresh coat of paint, resulting in a harmonious and spacious living environment.
Wading River House (Before)
Originally constructed in 1907, the Wading River House had an outdated kitchen layout from the 1970s. Our team completely transformed this space, starting from scratch by removing everything down to the studs.
Wading River House - Vintage Revival
To maximize functionality, we added new cabinets crafted from reclaimed materials and introduced an island, supported by floor reinforcements. The revamped kitchen now boasts a striking two-tone cabinet design, quartz countertops extending to the ceiling, and modern flooring and paint throughout the first floor.
Shirley Street (Before)
In this Shirley street residence, we revitalized the kitchen with a new tile floor, cabinet doors, and the addition of a dishwasher. A fresh coat of paint and the installation of new quartz countertops, appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures, and under-cabinet lighting brought this kitchen into the modern era.
Shirley St. Kitchen & Bath Reno
On the other side of the house, we transformed an underutilized 1-1/2 car garage into a master bathroom with a spacious shower. Additionally, we created an office by adding French doors to the living room, painted the entire interior of the house, and refinished the existing wood floors.
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